Welcome to Allevio AG

At Allevio AG, we are driven by our mission to leverage advanced technologies and innovative solutions to transform IT infrastructures, empower businesses, and enhance employee productivity. Our expertise lies in providing dynamic workplace solutions and data center consolidation services that enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency and agility.

As a company, we uphold key values that guide our operations: IT-ORGANISATION, IT-AUTOMATION, IT-CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE, and IT-GOVERNANCE & RISK UND COMPLIANCE. These principles ensure that we deliver comprehensive and reliable solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our portfolio centers around two main areas: the Dynamic Workplace and Data Center Consolidation.

Under our Dynamic Workplace offering, we specialize in swiftly and efficiently providing IT services to meet the demands of the modern business landscape. By embracing the requirements of digital business, our solutions enable employees to increase their productivity, adapt to changing work styles, and seamlessly collaborate both internally and externally. We believe that a dynamic workplace requires modern IT infrastructures and sustainable practices to reduce IT operating costs while enhancing operational efficiency and security.

When it comes to Data Center Consolidation, our expertise shines. We excel in helping organizations consolidate their data centers into more efficient and dynamic infrastructures. Leveraging technologies such as higher density storage solutions and server and storage virtualization, we enable the consolidation of applications into a smaller, compact IT environment. This not only drives business agility but also delivers significant cost and energy savings. Our comprehensive project experience and successful track record across various IT areas set us apart, ensuring the seamless implementation of data center consolidation initiatives.

At Allevio AG, we are committed to enabling IT efficiency and supporting organizations in their digital transformation journey. We are excited to partner with you, delivering industry-leading solutions and expertise that drive business success.